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MNS low-voltage withdrawable switchgear
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Product description

Product description:

The MNS system is a factory assembled low-voltage switchgear unit, and the technical standards conform to GB7251 and other standards. MNS system can adapt to the needs of various power supply and distribution, and can be widely used in power distribution systems such as power distribution room, nuclear power plant, marine, oil platform and other industrial and mining enterprises.


Structural features:

1. Compact design: It can accommodate more functional units in a smaller space.

2, the structure is versatile, flexible assembly: C-shaped profiles with a modulus of 25mm can meet the requirements of various structural forms, protection levels and use environments.

3, using standard module design: can form a standard unit of protection, operation, conversion, control, adjustment, measurement, indication, etc., users can choose assembly as needed.

4. With more than 200 kinds of assembly parts, it can form different frame structure and drawer unit.

5. Safety: A large number of high-strength flame-retardant engineering plastic components are used to effectively enhance the safety performance.

6, high technical performance: the main parameters reach the level of contemporary international technology.

7. Compression site: The high degree of triadization can greatly compress the site where the prefabricated parts are stored and transported.

8, easy to assemble: no special complicated tools are needed.


Switch cabinet type:

Power Center Cabinet (PC):

Adopt ABB E.T, Schneider MT, NSX type circuit breaker

Motor Control Center Cabinet (MCC)

It is assembled with large and small drawers, and the main switch of each circuit adopts a high-breaking molded case circuit breaker or a rotary load switch with a fuse.


Main structure size:


Protection level:

1, in line with IEC529.DIN40050 standard

2, IP30 is greater than φ2.5mm solid protection

3, IP40 is greater than φ1.0mm solid protection

4, IP54 protects against dust and splashes in any direction

5. (When ordering IP54 protection level, it should be negotiated with the manufacturer)


Product Specifications:

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