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KYN28A-12 Indoor AC Metal-Enclosed Armored Mid-Set Switchgear
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Product description

Product description:

This equipment is an indoor unit with a rated voltage of 12kV and a frequency of 50Hz single busbar and single busbar segmentation system. It is used to receive and distribute network power and control, protect and measure the circuit.


Structural features:

The switchgear is designed according to GB3906. The whole is composed of two parts: the cabinet shell and the center-mounted extractable parts (ie the handcart). The switch in the cabinet can be equipped with VX4, EV12, VS1 (ZN63A) and other medium-handed circuit breakers. The cabinet is assembled by double bending of aluminum-zinc plate. It is divided into four separate compartments. The protection level of the enclosure is IP4X. The protection level is IP2X when the compartments and the circuit breaker door are opened. This switchgear can be used on the front side. Installation, commissioning and maintenance, so it can be back-to-back in a double arrangement and mounted against the wall, improving the safety, flexibility and footprint of the switchgear. This product can be applied to Class II contaminated sites.


Dimensions and weight:


Product Specifications:

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