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DFW1-12 Outdoor High-Voltage Cable Distribution Boxes
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Product description

Product description:

DFW1-12 series cable distribution box is outdoor design, fully sealed structure, cabinet protection grade IP33, cable joint bracket is made of stainless steel, and the shell is made of 2mm high quality stainless steel.

The busbar compartment is a sealed chamber surrounded by 2mm stainless steel panels. The cable joint bracket is located at the upper part of the busbar compartment to support the double-pass bushing, and the double-pass bushing is used to fix the cable joint. The cable joint has a phase-to-phase distance of 180 mm. In addition, the shorting indicator and the live display are also housed in the busbar compartment. All live parts of the busbar compartment are subjected to strict silicone rubber outer plugging insulation treatment.

The cable distribution box housing can be electrostatically sprayed according to user requirements.


Model meaning:


Structural features:

1. Prefabricated silicone rubber sealing and connecting structure, fully insulated and fully sealed.

2. Dustproof, moisture-proof, flood-resistant, corrosion-resistant, adapt to various operating environments inside and outside the home.

3. Strong scalability, in and out of the line from the second to the eighth, flexible combination, to meet a variety of wiring requirements.

4. Maintenance-free, small size, compact structure, convenient installation, beautiful appearance.

5. Copper-plated silver crimping (R≤40μΩ) is applied to the joint to ensure reliable and safe operation.

6. With a live display, with a short-circuit indicator, with a lightning arrester.


Product Specifications:

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