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XGN15-12 (SF6) Fixed Sulfur Hexafluoride Looped Network Switchgear
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Product description

Product description:

   XGN15-12 unit type sulphur hexafluoride ring network cabinet (hereinafter referred to as ring network cabinet) is a new generation of metal-enclosed switchgear with sulphur hexafluoride gas as insulation and arc extinguishing. The sulfur three-position load switch has simple structure and reliable performance. Optional according to different requirements of users: manual or electric operating mechanism.

   The ring network cabinet is suitable for AC 50Hz, 10kV power systems, and is widely used in industrial and civil cables and power supply terminals. It is especially suitable for receiving and distributing electric energy in power systems such as power distribution, opening and closing, industrial and mining enterprises, airports, subways, hospitals, railways, etc. in urban residential areas.


Structural features:

1. The ring network cabinet is composed of a busbar room, a three-station load switch room, a cable room, an operating mechanism room, an interlocking mechanism and a low-voltage control room. Each compartment is separated by a steel plate to prevent the faulty part from affecting the adjacent room.

2. The busbar room is arranged in the upper part of the cabinet. In the busbar room, the main busbars are connected together and run through the entire row of switchgear cabinets. The busbars are horizontally arranged for easy expansion.

3. The switch room is equipped with a three-station load switch. The outer casing of the load switch is made of epoxy resin, filled with SF6 gas as arc extinguishing medium, and two transparent plastic end caps are arranged at the leading end of the operating shaft. Through it, you can observe the contact status.

4. The cable room is mainly used for cable connection. It can also be equipped with lightning arresters, current transformers, and live displays.


Product Specifications:

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