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GCK Low-Voltage Withdrawable Switchgear
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Product description

Product description:

   GCK low-voltage withdrawable switchgear consists of power distribution center cabinet (PC) and motor control center (MCC). It is suitable for power users such as power plants, substations, industrial and mining enterprises, etc. as AC 50Hz, maximum working voltage to 660V, maximum working current. In the distribution system up to 4000A, it is used for power conversion and distribution control of power distribution equipment such as power distribution, motor control and lighting.

   This series of products has high breaking capacity, good dynamic thermal stability, reasonable structure, practical electrical scheme, series, versatility, any combination of various schemes, more than one cabinet to accommodate the circuit, saving floor space, Beautiful appearance, high level of protection, safe and reliable, easy to maintain and so on.


Structural features:

1. The basic frame of this series of products is a combined assembly structure. All structural parts of the frame are connected to each other by screw fastening to form a basic frame. Then, as needed, doors, baffles, partitions, drawers, mounting brackets, and busbars and electrical components are added. And other parts, assembled into a complete switchgear.

2. The frame adopts special-shaped steel, which is positioned by three-dimensional gussets, and the bolts are connected without welding structure, thereby avoiding welding deformation and stress and improving the installation accuracy. The frame and component mounting holes vary according to the modulus E=20mm.

3. The internal structural parts are galvanized. After external pickling and phosphating, it is sprayed with electrostatic epoxy powder.

4. In the power center (PC) inlet cabinet, the top is the horizontal busbar area, the lower part of the horizontal busbar area is the circuit breaker room, the circuit breaker can be equipped with domestic RMW1, RMM1 series, etc., and can also be equipped with foreign electrical company according to user needs. Various circuit breakers, such as: ABB's E, T, Schneider's MT, NSX series circuit breakers, etc.


Environmental conditions used:

1. The ambient air temperature is not higher than +40 °C, not lower than -5 °C, and the average temperature within 24 hours shall not be higher than +35 °C. The relative humidity of the surrounding air does not exceed 50% at a maximum temperature of +40 ° C, and allows a relatively large relative humidity at a lower temperature; (for example, 90% at +20 ° C), it should be considered due to temperature changes Occasionally the effect of condensation.

2. Installation and use indoors, the altitude of the place of use shall not exceed 2000m.

3. When the equipment is installed and the inclination of the vertical surface does not exceed 5 degrees, the equipment should be installed in places where there is no severe vibration and impact, and where the electrical components are not corroded.

4. Users can negotiate with the manufacturer to resolve the problem if they have special requirements.


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Product Specifications:

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