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DFW2-12 Outdoor High-Voltage Cable Distribution Boxes
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Product description

Product description:

DWF2-12 outdoor high-voltage cable distribution box (hereinafter referred to as the distribution box) is a new type of power supply equipment specially designed for the user's power supply cable entry and demarcation in the 10kV power network cable system.

This tap box is made of cable accessories with excellent performance and is widely used in cable systems. It also shows its excellent characteristics for cable branching. It is suitable for distribution networks in urban industrial areas, urban residential quarters, urban commercial centers, large enterprises and other occasions. It is especially suitable for power grid reconstruction projects in modern cities and has the following characteristics:

1. Fully insulated and fully sealed structure, no need for insulation distance, and reliable personal safety;

2. dustproof, waterproof, corrosion-resistant, maintenance-free, especially suitable for use in harsh environments;

3. the branch cable connector can be used as a load switch, with load plugging and unplugging, and has the function of isolating switch;

4. can be connected to the short-circuit fault indicator, easy to find cable faults quickly;

5. small size, compact structure, simple installation, easy to operate.


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