DFW6-0.4 Low-Voltage Cable Branch Box

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Product Description

Product description:

The low-voltage cable branch box is designed for the low-voltage transmission and distribution system with many user units and complicated distribution. The low-voltage cable branch box greatly increases the outgoing circuit, and improves the safety and reliability of power consumption. At the same time, it is of great help to regulate the management and maintenance of outdoor low-voltage power distribution systems. The low-voltage power cable with a section of 16~300mm2 can be selected for the inlet and outlet of the low-voltage cable branch box. It is easy to install and maintain, and has no fire hazard. It is especially suitable for use in three-phase or single-phase transmission and distribution or single-phase lighting systems in public places such as urban streets, colleges, commercial districts, office buildings, residential quarters and high-rise buildings. Used to distribute electrical energy. In line with the national standard GB7251.5.


Model meaning:


Structural features:

1. The box material can be made of stainless steel and SMC materials, with unique and beautiful appearance and beautifying the urban environment.

2. Good sealing performance, safe and reliable, convenient operation and maintenance.

3, high mechanical strength, good flame retardant, corrosion resistance, aging resistance, can adapt to a variety of harsh environments.


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