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CBW1-10 Outdoor Box-Type Substation
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Product description

Product description:

CBW1 series box-type substation is suitable for mines, factories, oil and gas fields and wind power stations, and is also widely used in new development areas, urban civil facilities with tight land, temporary distribution equipment for large construction sites, and high-rise building power distribution facilities. Substation, residential area, villa area, scenic area, square and street lights, etc. It replaces the original civil power distribution room and distribution station and becomes a new type of transformer distribution equipment.

Box-type substation includes: box, medium voltage switchgear, power transformer, low-voltage power distribution equipment.


Model meaning:


Normal use conditions:

1. The altitude does not exceed 2000m.

2. Ambient temperature:

The highest temperature is +40 ° C, the lowest temperature is -25 ° C;

The maximum daily average temperature does not exceed +35 °C.

3. The average daily relative humidity does not exceed 95%. The average monthly relative humidity does not exceed 90%.

4. The outdoor wind speed does not exceed 34m/s.

5. The slope of the ground is not more than 3°.

6. Sunlight radiation should not exceed 1000w/m2.

7. There are no explosives, fire, chemical corrosion and severe vibration at the installation site.

8. When the conditions are different from the above normal use conditions, the user and the manufacturer negotiate.


Structural features:

1. Unique design and leading technology.

2. High protection level, high operational safety, simple maintenance and unattended function.

3, small size, beautiful appearance, landscaping to the environment. The box has a stainless steel casing, a color steel plate casing and a landscape casing.

4, the program is flexible, can install a variety of components.

5. Superior electromagnetic compatibility.


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