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Product description

Product description:

The power distribution box and cabinet are suitable for power distribution and lighting distribution of 50Hz, 500V and below, three-phase four-wire power system in industrial and civil buildings.

This product is a closed distribution box and cabinet in the house. The special profile combination frame structure in the box body has a single left door open on the front side, and a measuring instrument such as a voltmeter, an ammeter, an operation switch, a signal indicator, and the like are mounted on the door. The knife switch operating handle is mounted on the upper part of the right column in front of the box. The upper part of the box has a detachable cover, and the right side of the box has a clamp for fixing the cable. The incoming and outgoing cable is caused by the bottom. The user has special requirements, and can also enter the outlet knockout hole or install the busbar compartment on the top cover of the box.

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