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Product introduction

Aoxing Smart Street Light System consists of eight application subsystems: LED Smart Street Light Subsystem, Network Multimedia Information Release Subsystem, Wireless WIFI Subsystem, Smart Monitoring Subsystem, Environmental Sensing Monitoring Subsystem, Charging Pile Subsystem, Video Voice Helper System, manhole cover sensing detection subsystem. Each application subsystem can operate jointly according to actual needs, and users can select different application subsystems for combined application according to actual conditions.

The product adopts modular structure design, and customers can choose different functional modules according to different needs and different applications to provide better service and infrastructure for the owners and the end users of their services.



The Austar Intelligent Street Light Control System communicates with a remote data center via a computer terminal connected to the Internet to enable remote single or multiple light switch, dimming, timing control and detection of street lights deployed in any range. Controls such as management, achieving efficient operation, cost saving, energy consumption reduction, and humanized management.

The system consists of a centralized controller (installed in the distribution box), a dual-lamp controller, and a single-lamp controller (mounted in the pole). The system is built without the need to lay a separate communication control line, which has the advantage of easy installation and implementation. . The system adopts power carrier communication mode and has automatic gain control function, which can effectively resist frequency selective fading or narrowband interference, and ensure signal transmission stability and security. The system specifically has the following functions:

1. LED street light switch: switch control of any one, one set, one street light and light strip.

2. LED street light dimming: switch control of any one, one, one street light, light strip.

3. Timed task: The task of opening and dimming any group of lights is issued in advance, and the system automatically performs preset operations at the set time.

4. fault alarm: found street lights, line faults, intelligent judgment, immediately report to the system platform, there is an alarm display in the system.

5. map function: GIS geographic information display, display each line, the position of each lamp, effectively monitor the lighting conditions, and can quickly and accurately locate the fault.

6. data report: the system regularly collects concentrators, street lights, electricity meters and other data, requests through intelligent analysis, the formation of the corresponding street light data report, loop data report, lighting rate data report, energy report and other analysis curves and reports; managers can Customize query data, export data, print analysis graphs, and report data as needed.

7. Automatic calibration: The system clock is automatically synchronized with the communication server clock, and the terminal device is accurately timed.

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